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Prepare for the Possible

By May 19, 2022No Comments

Chet Atkins and I played guitar together.

Here’s the story.

I’ve met some very interesting people in my life.  When I was a television writer I would interview guests and prepare talking points for the host of the show.  This placed me face to face with some of the biggest names in country music… back when it was still country-western music.

On this particular day in the early 1980’s I knew that Chet Atkins was going to sit in my little office and politely endure a 20 minute interview as we prepared for the show.  I also knew that Chet (sure, we’re on a first name basis) liked to conduct his interviews with his guitar in hand.  I also knew that, if Chet had a guitar in his hand, he was very likely to play while we had our interview.

So on this particular day I just happened to bring my own guitar to work, and have it propped up within arm’s reach of my chair.  Now I’m no sluff on the guitar, but I felt like a newbie sitting across from one of the founding fathers of country music.  Here I was, reaching for my guitar to try and play along with Mr. Guitar himself.

I mustered up the courage and grabbed my instrument, and note by note started to play along.  He gave a little smile and our interview turned into a tiny little jam session.  He answered my questions and politely left me to do my writing.  He truly was The Country Gentleman.

The take away…

We’ve learned to expect the best, and plan for the worst.  But there is an entire other realm in this thinking; the unknown.  The Possible.  Was it possible for me to play guitar with Chet Atkins?  Definitely NOT if I didn’t bring my guitar into my office.  I had to prepare.

If you just happen to be on the elevator with the untouchable CEO, is it possible to literally give an elevator pitch right in that moment? Only if you’re prepared.  Is it possible to do the “one in a million” opportunity you’ve only dreamed would happen to you? Only if you’re prepared.

What’s the lesson?

So remember; fortune favors the bold, and possibilities favor the prepared.