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2020 is over! What Story Will You Tell?

By January 7, 2021No Comments

The long-anticipated—prayed for—vaccine has finally arrived, and people are beginning to get immunized. With that, we can take our first collective, huge sigh of relief, believing that there is a light at the end of this very long tunnel we call 2020. But no matter how quickly we rebound and move forward, this 2020 will be a year to remember. It will be a time that we will talk about for decades, like: where were you when _______ (fill in the blank depending on you age). When I fill in the blank, I can go back to, where were you when we landed on the moon, when President Kennedy was shot, when the Berlin Wall fell. And I have plenty of memories to share about each of those days.

The interesting question to ask here is, what kind of story will you be telling you kids and grandkids, friends and neighbors? Are you going to focus on the bad times, and there certainly were plenty of them, or will you be celebrating the good that happened during this crazy time? And there was plenty of that as well.

For me, I need to remember that the story I decide to tell is really a choice I make. I can focus on the negative, but who wants to hear that, or I can accentuate the positive. And believe it or not, for me and I bet for you, there has been far more positive that happened than negative. Sure, my wife and I didn’t get to take our vacations, kick sand on a beach in Florida, or see a Broadway show, but we did get to zoom a lot with our family and play bridge (online) with our friends. We got to discover many of the small parks in the area where we would take our walks. My wife wound up drawing a lot of Christmas cards and I finished my second book. 

Perspective is an amazing phenomenon; how we decide to see the events of the world can affect our entire outlook on life. 

Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.

– Dan Brown